AirFirst, Incorporated
Aviation Support, Service & Consultancy

It's Not Just Aviation To Us
Leveraging over 250 years of combined experience leading passenger and cargo aviation related businesses in the domestic and international markets, AFI can remove the layers of complexity from a regulatory challenging industry, allowing you to focus on your business

Every Flight is Unique
 Global Experience with Personal Attention

AFI has operated over 58,000 flight hours to every continent and over 220 countries

Appraisals, Consulting & Leasing
AFI has owned and leased over 50 aircraft ranging from Cessna 208 Caravans to wide body DC-8's. Let us ensure you procure a safe reliable aircraft for your flight needs. AFI succeeds in:
  • Market Research and Availability
  • Airworthiness Inspections
  • Log Book Inspections
  • Aircraft Appraisal
  • Flight Training
  • Aircraft Ownership/Leasing
  • Airport Site Surveys
  • FAA FAR 125 & 135 certificate management

Aircraft Dispatching
AFI will take care of your every need from start to finish with our in-house 24/7 365 days-a-year operations center for your small, mid-size, or large aircraft. 

  • World-wide Flight Planning
  • Int'l Landing/Overflight Permits
  • Weather/Notams
  • In-flight Monitoring & Operational Control
  • Fuel/Handler Coordination
  • In Country Logistics Support
  • Hazmat Transportation
  • Financial Management
  • DOT 401 Holder
  • FAA Far 91, 121, 125 & 135 certificates
Aviation Pioneers & the AFI Story
Since 1987, AFI has been an innovator and leader in the Aviation industry, all while providing unparalleled customer service. From the world's first DC-8 combi 121 airline, international ad hoc charter companies, patented thoroughbred horse transport, to hours of client consulting.
AFI is rich in history and excited for new adventures. 
Dan Jones standing in front of his first DC-8 combi aircraft
FAA Part 121 Air Carrier
B727 providing world class equine travel experience
First in Russia
International Charter Xpress  (an AFI company) was the first US carrier to operate between two domestic Russian cities using DC-8 combi aircraft transporting oilfield workers and equipment between Moscow, Russia to Sergut, Siberia, and back to Calgary,  Canada
New Generation
Chris Jones

A licensed pilot since 1993, Mr. Jones has spent his career in the aviation industry. He began by serving as an Insurance Broker for Willis Faber and Dumas at Lloyd’s of London, then moving into a Logistics Coordinator position for Airlantic, Inc. He formed and ran Music City Xpress, a Nashville, TN charter company in 1998. Since returning to Little Rock, he has performed a variety of roles including his current role as CEO/President of AFI.

Mr. Jones is also active in thoroughbred horse racing and owns a music entertainment company with his wife Terry Lang Jones, a founding member of RIAA Platinum selling recording group, Point of Grace.
Contact Us
I would love the opportunity to visit with you, to understand how our services can put time back in your day and give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your aviation needs will be met. I look forward to hearing from you. 
 - Chris Jones, CEO/President